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Have you ever wanted a portable, digital version of your Prayer Board to have on your phone or other electronic devices?

Do you struggle with forgetting your prayer commitments? Or do you already have a physical Prayer Board, but you need the freedom to access your Prayer Board digitally from anywhere, at any moment? Get your Digital Prayer Board set up in just 5 minutes with this quick and easy tutorial!

Why you need a Digital Prayer Board

A few years ago, I was using a marker board as a prayer board, and it was a mess.

Prayer requests were scribbled haphazardly, there was no organization, and some requests were even written sideways trailing up the edge of the board.

It was hard to make heads or tails of what was going on, much less have any incentive to really use it daily since it wasn’t very functional.

My old marker board that was posing as my prayer board was ugly and unorganized, so I decided to use a corkboard to create an actual physical Prayer Board that was attractive, well-organized, and tidy. It was a success!

Check out how you can create your own DIY physical Prayer Board using my free printables here!

But… the physical prayer board wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and I eventually found myself struggling to keep up with it.

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Image titled Digital Prayer Board tutorial showing a graphic on a phone screen and the text stop breaking your promise to pray.

Why? Location and time.

I would find myself in different situations wishing I had my prayer list with me so I could pull it up anytime. I wanted to access my prayer commitments and be able to pray from anywhere, day or night.

But how could I do that without lugging a giant corkboard around?

While my new prayer board was organized, pretty, and functional, it still came with limitations. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t access it easily.

I was limited to sitting down in front of my physical prayer board, and sometimes this was not in prayer-closet-type places but out in open spaces. Not ideal.

So, more recently, I’ve started using a virtual prayer list… a Digital Prayer Board, if you will.

It’s simplified my prayer time so much, and it doesn’t tie me down to one physical location which is fantastic!

I really love it and it’s been an amazing resource to help me spend intentional time in prayer daily, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Failing to follow through after you’ve committed to pray is not only discouraging but even embarrassing. If you’ve ever been there, you know that breaking your promise to pray for someone can be one of the worst feelings in the world. 😞

After all, agreeing to pray for someone is a promise to lift them and their needs up to the Lord faithfully. This is something we need to take very seriously as we walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Having a Digital Prayer Board is a great solution to do just that and help you make sure that you keep your word.

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And just think of the possibilities…

You can take a Digital Prayer Board with you everywhere via your phone—sitting outside in the midst of God’s creation, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, while on vacation, or you can even pull up your Digital Prayer Board from your bed before going to sleep at night!

You definitely can’t do those things with a giant physical corkboard!

Another huge benefit of using a Digital Prayer Board is being able to change the requests easily with just a tap!

If someone’s prayer is answered or their needs change, no more messy, smeared erasing or making ugly marks to cross out names or needs.

Of course, you can always print out new copies of blank printables for a physical prayer board, but it can feel cumbersome after a while. It takes much less time and effort to update a Digital Prayer Board—a few easy taps and it’s done! 😊

If you’re wondering why it’s so important that we pray daily, this article from Got Questions will help.

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Free Digital Prayer Board tutorial

Ready to set up your own Digital Prayer Board and start following through on your prayer commitments? Get the free tutorial below and have it set up on your phone in less than 5 minutes!

What you’ll need to create your Digital Prayer Board

✅ Your phone or tablet

We’ve all already got a smartphone at least, right? Look at that, the first step is already done for you. 😉

✅ A notes app

Pretty much every device comes with one of these apps pre-installed, but if you don’t have one, you can grab one for free in your app store—more details on this inside the tutorial!

✅ A calendar app

If you somehow find your phone in need of a calendar app, head over to your app store where you can download a free one—more on this when you grab the tutorial!

⬜ This tutorial!

This is the last thing you need to grab, and then you’re 5 minutes away from having a Digital Prayer Board of your own that you can customize to suit your needs and be able to access at any time!

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Image of a hand holding a phone with a Digital Prayer Board tutorial on the screen.

Set up your own Digital Prayer Board

By now you’ve got to be super excited to get your Digital Prayer Board set up, right? Yes!

Once you’ve got it set up, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pray or being unable to access a physical prayer board!

BONUS: You can feel confident asking people in your life how you can pray for them, and you can add them to your Digital Prayer Board straight away!

I’ve got your tutorial right here for you to download—and it’s completely free. Just fill out the form below and I’ll send the quick and easy tutorial right to your inbox!

You mean 5 minutes from now my prayer life could be revolutionized?

Yes! It might sound corny but it can be true as long as you apply yourself and hold yourself accountable—I’ve got an awesome trick for how to do this inside the tutorial!

The keep is consistency and building a habit of daily prayer time with the Lord, and this tutorial has a bonus built-in feature to help you do just that!

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Download your free tutorial and get started!

Once you’ve got your Digital Prayer Board set up, comment below and let me know! 💛

Still prefer to have a physical Prayer Board, too?

If you prefer the old-school way of writing prayer requests with pen and paper, then my free Prayer Board printable might be for you! Here’s what it looks like:

Image titled Create Your Own Prayer Board shows a corkboard with decorative printables pinned up that say Salvation, Healing, Provision, and Protection.

Final thoughts on making a Digital Prayer Board

I hope this tutorial has been helpful in creating your Digital Prayer List! It’s so important for us to follow through when promising to pray for others—they’re entrusting us to approach the Father on behalf of their needs! Using a Digital Prayer Board is the ideal way to hold ourselves accountable and make good on our promises to pray, from any location and at any moment!

🤔 What do you think about this topic? Share your opinion in a comment below!

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