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Need some extra help? Get my Help in Time of Need Prayer Guide to help you know how to pray for yourself and your loved ones!


Want to stop feeling guilty for not following through on your prayer commitments?


Ready to start drawing closer to the Lord, and actually know HOW to pray?

In my Help in Time of Need Prayer Guide, I provide you the resources you need to be able to pray for specific topics. We go through each prayer category separately, spending time in the scriptures as we go!

I help you avoid the overwhelm and frustration of not knowing where to turn in the Bible to find the answers for how to pray by having all the references organized and within your fingertips in this handy guide.

And if you wanted to have it spiral-bound, your local office supply store should be able to do it for around $4. Otherwise you can hole-punch it and keep it in a folder or 3-ring binder.

So if you’re ready to make good on prayer commitments and grow closer to the Lord through prayer, this guide is waiting for you. It’s a 20-page workbook that’s accessible instantly as a digital download that’s emailed right to your inbox.


✔︎  Save time and frustration

My prayer guide helps you get started immediately without having to take the time to search out scripture references for each topic you need. It’s all there for you!

✔︎  Get started immediately

Download the prayer guide and get started making a difference in your prayer life before the day is over! It’s a digital download, so you can access it on your phone, laptop, tablet, or print it out.

✔︎  Conquer guilt and defeat

With this easy-to-use tool, you no longer have to harbor that feeling of letting someone down because you forgot to pray for them or weren’t sure how.

✔︎  Grow closer to the Lord and His word

Using this prayer guide not only helps others as your intercede for them, but it helps you grow in your knowledge of scripture locations as well as enriches your time spend with God.


 Plus get this BONUS if you get your prayer guide in the next 20 minutes:

If you get the Prayer Guide in the next 20 minutes, I’ll add the To Everything There is a Season art print.

It’s a beautiful, floral print of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It’s a downloadable printable just like the prayer guide. You can print it and put it up somewhere were you will see it often and meditate on it.

It’s a wonderful reminder to see throughout the day and know that, no matter what challenges we may be facing right now, “to everything there is a season.”

Tacking this up on your prayer board would be a great place for this pretty print!

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