Hey there!

Walking through parks and going on hikes is one of my favorite things. Every time I go, I see the most beautiful sights, and I can’t help but take photos along the way.

So as a special thank you for joining the Liv By Grace community, I wanted to take you on a virtual hike with me!

I took these photos myself—and I don’t consider myself a photographer by any means—but God’s creation is so majestic that it’s almost hard to take a bad photo when presented with such beauty!

By the way, this page isn’t listed on my website anywhere. The only people who can find it are email subscribers who click the direct link from an email to come here.

Why? Well, I just appreciate you being here! I wanted to do something special just for my newsletter subscribers, so this page is just for you. I hope it gives your heart a little boost and encourages you. 💛

Alright, let’s get to the photos!

Busy bee! I never thought a bee could be cute until I saw this little guy peeking at me!
Fungus. Not the most attractive-sounding word, and yet… beautiful.
My husband actually took this photo and sent it to me.
Autumn greenery!
Cattails on the pond.
A friend. ☺️
Rainy daffodils at the first hint of Spring.
This pale pink tulip came up among a group of bright pink ones. ❤︎
These yellow and red tulips are huge! They make me smile every time I see them each Spring.
I believe this is called a songbird flower. Simply stunning. One of my favorites!
I have no idea what this is, but I love it. A perfect ball of blossoms.
Raindrops on the bright pink tulips I mentioned above.
I took this one at Natural Falls State Park. It’s one of my favorite places.
The falls! I love to come here for my birthday. There’s usually enough rain that they’re actually flowing.
I’m not the best at identifying flowers, but I sure do appreciate their beauty. I believe this is a variety of azalea.
What a beauty! The color is amazing.
Another variety of azalea. And a buggy friend.
I’d never seen this wispy flowering plant before. So unique-looking!
More azaleas. I hadn’t realized there were so many different kinds, all gorgeous!
These dainty little flowers were practically flat! So lovely.
It seems like there are so many white flowers blooming in Springtime. Refreshing!
This might be my absolute favorite. I look for these each time I go to the park. The color and texture are amazing!
A lone pale yellow among all the bright yellows.
Mammatus clouds! These appeared after a severe storm. I couldn’t stop smiling and saying, “Wow!” The whole sky was full of them and everything looked pink.

I hope you enjoyed our virtual hike together! We even managed to travel through a couple of different seasons. 😂

If you found these photos to be a bright spot in your day, then knowing that makes my day. Once in a while I do a photo-essay type email just like this, so keep an eye out for those! 💛

xo Liv