Woman relaxing in lounge chair on beach with text overlay saying, 5 easy ways to share the gospel while you're relaxing on vacation.

Can we find quick ways to evangelize while traveling and still focusing on having a relaxing vacation?

We should always be mindful of people around us who haven’t heard the gospel, and that’s no different even when we’re on vacation. But how can we stay obedient to the Great Commission without losing precious vacation time with our families? These 5 ideas will help you strike the perfect balance!

1. Leave gospel tracts at your hotel/rental property/cabin

Whether you’re staying at a hotel, an Airbnb, or on a cruise ship, leaving gospel tracts wherever you’re vacationing is an easy way to share the gospel.

Some places in a hotel or on a ship that are sure to get lots of foot traffic are the lobby, near the pool, and of course the breakfast area.

These are great spots to leave several tracts that clearly share the gospel, and anyone who passes by or sits down can conveniently pick them up and encounter the hope of the gospel!

Other spots that are perfect for leaving gospel tracts at hotels include the business center, conference room, and fitness center.

Another fantastic opportunity is right in your own hotel room or cabin—when you’re ready to check-out, leave several gospel tracts with a nice tip for the housekeeping staff… and make sure to leave your room as tidy for them as possible.

Gospel tracts that are easy to share on vacation

When leaving tracts in public areas, it’s important to find ones that are eye-catching. Here are some unique tracts you can order from Amazon that fit the bill!

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Jesus Paid It All receipt gospel tracts, pack of 100 (affiliate link) These look like receipts that list of sin, shame, guilt, etc., and at the end says, Jesus paid it all. The gospel is presented in full on the back.

Are You a Good Person? gospel tracts, pack of 50 (affiliate link) This tract is one my favorites! It’s great for adults and kids.

Benjamin Franklin Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts, ESV, pack of 100 (affiliate link) These are definitely eye-catching!

Abraham Lincoln Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts, NKJV, pack of 100 (affiliate link) Another gospel tract that looks like a million dollars, not super believable-looking, just fun! The gospel message is presented on the back.

Thank You (Tip Tract) gospel tracts, KJV, pack of 100 (affiliate link) This tract is a special way to leave a tip at restaurant of similar place! It thanks the service provider while holding a generous tip for them, and it goes on to share the gospel.

⚠️ If you’re going to use tracts that have the appearance of money, please use ones that are fake-looking—like million dollar ones. And if you leave these kind of tracts for your server at a restaurant, please, PLEASE, pair them with a generous tip of real money! ⚠️

Woman relaxing in lounge chair on the beach with text overlay saying, 5 passive ways to share the gospel on vacation!

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2. Wear evangelistic clothing items when you travel

There’s no easier way to be a witness to people you encounter than by what you wear. Take advantage of this while you’re on vacation and shine the light to everyone you meet without being cringey or awkward!

T-shirts, hoodies, and ball caps are great ways to passively evangelize while you’re on vacation! Here are some suggestions available on Amazon:

T-shirts to help share the gospel on vacation

Can you believe there are so many options? There really is a style and message for everyone. The Jesus Loves You retro style tee is almost exactly like one I have, it has such a cool look!

With God All Things are Possible tee (affiliate link)

Phil. 4:13 Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me t-shirt (affiliate link)

Be The Light Matthew 5:14 tee (affiliate link)

Jesus Loves You retro style tee (affiliate link) I have one like this!

Jesus is My Everything, My God, My Lord, My Savior t-shirt (affiliate link)

John 3:16 with Nails, For God So Loved The World t-shirt (affiliate link)

I’m A Whosoever, John 3:16 t-shirt (affiliate link)

Straight Outta God’s Word, John 3:16, Full Verse t-shirt (affiliate link)

This Shirt Is Illegal In 53 Countries t-shirt (affiliate link)

Ask Me About Jesus t-shirt (affiliate link)

Enjoy Jesus Christ and Thou Shalt Never Thirst, Coca-Cola style t-shirt (affiliate link)

Jesus: the Way, the Truth, the Life t-shirt (affiliate link)

Jesus Changed My Life, Ask Me How t-shirt (affiliate link)

God So Loved the World that He Gave His Only Son Cross t-shirt (affiliate link)

Bible Emergency Hotline Numbers t-shirt (affiliate link)

Jesus Is The Answer t-shirt (affiliate link)

Hoodies that share the gospel message

Some of these hoodies are so cute! I would love to have the Good News hoodie, it’s very much my style!

Jesus Saves I’m Just A Disciple hoodie (affiliate link)

John 3:16 Cross Full Verse hoodie (affiliate link)

Psalm 118:6 Faith Over Fear hoodie (affiliate link)

1 John 4:19 Jesus Loves You hoodie (affiliate link)

John 3:16 hoodie (affiliate link)

Jesus is My Everything, My God, My Lord, My Savior hoodie (affiliate link)

Good News Jesus Loves You John 3:16 hoodie (affiliate link)

Dear Person Behind Me God Says hoodie (affiliate link)

Trust In The Lord Proverbs 3:5-6 hoodie (affiliate link)

YESHUA in Hebrew, Name Above All Names on sleeve (affiliate link)

I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel Romans 1:16 hoodie (affiliate link)

Blessed, Saved, Loved By Jesus John 3:16 hoodie (affiliate link)

Jesus Is King hoodie (affiliate link)

Jesus Strong Phil. 4:13 hoodie (affiliate link)

John 3:16 Cross Full Verse long-sleeve shirt (affiliate link)

Photo of hoodie with message that reads, I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation of everyone who believes. Romans 1:16.

Hats that help evangelize while traveling

Lots of these ball caps are denim look which I really like. They seem pretty in right now and they look good on everyone!

Nail Cross embroidered trucker cap (affiliate link)

Saved By Grace Cross embroidered baseball cap (affiliate link)

Jesus Nail Cross The Way, The Truth, The Life baseball cap (affiliate link)

Not Ashamed Cross Romans 1:16 baseball cap (affiliate link)

Jesus In Shape of Cross embroidered baseball cap (affiliate link)

Jesus Saved My Life denim dad hat (affiliate link)

Embroidered Jesus Cross beanie (affiliate link)

Jesus, Name Above All Names embroidered beanie (affiliate link)

Jesus Saves embroidered beanie (affiliate link)

Woman relaxing in lounge chair on beach with text overlays saying, led to share the gospel wherever you go? 5 easy ways to share and still relax on vacation!

3. Leave gospel tracts at tourist attractions

Amusement parks, monuments, and museums are prime locations to leave gospel tracts while on vacation! Many other people are traveling through or have come to the same vacation destination, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to leave gospel tracts where many people pass through.

Chances are that while you’re on vacation, you’ll be going out to eat quite a bit, so don’t forget to leave tracts in restaurants! Leave a tract behind in the waiting area once you’re called to be seated at a table, and always leave a tract after your meal along with a generous tip.

And don’t forget your rental car! After you’ve tidied it up, leave a tract on the dashboard or in the console, in the glove compartment, or in the side compartment in the car door. Remember to leave a few tracts on a table at the car rental facility while you’re waiting to pick up your car at the beginning of your trip, too!

You never know if someone will find it immediately or if it will take a while before someone comes across it—it could be an employee of the rental agency or maybe even the next person to rent that car. Pray that the right person would find it at the right time, and that God would soften their heart to His message.

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How to make a Digital Prayer Board on your phone (free tutorial!)

Ever promise to pray for someone and then forget? Stop feeling guilty and start keeping your promises to pray with this free Digital Prayer Board tutorial—done in 5 minutes! (If a physical Prayer Board is more your style, keep scrolling for a free printable below!)

4. Wear jewelry with the gospel message while on vacation

Believe it or not, there’s quite an assortment of bracelets or necklaces that have an evangelistic message. Here are a few from Amazon that will help you share your faith in a passive way while out and about on vacation.

Natural Stone Multi-Color Beaded Salvation bracelet (affiliate link) I’m a sucker for this one! It reminds me of the bracelets we made in Vacation Bible School, but an elevated version.

18K Gold Cross Pearl Beaded Chain Bracelet (affiliate link)

Blessed Cross Multi-Layer Crystal and Leather Wrap bracelet (affiliate link)

Colorful Beaded Cross bracelet (affiliate link)

Mustard Seed necklace (affiliate link)

6-pack of Romans 12:2, Joshua 1:9, and John 3:16 Silicone bracelets (affiliate link)

Reversible Silicone Witnessing bracelet with symbols on one side and words on the other (affiliate link) I wore a bracelet like this one when I worked as an interpreter in schools, and I was able to share the gospel with a student who asked about what the symbols meant! 💛

4-pack of Reversible Silicone Witnessing bracelets (affiliate link)

5. Leave gospel tracts on the plane or at the airport

Public places of transportation are excellent opportunities for leaving gospel tracts. You can leave them at the airport or even on the plane!

Just think, you can put one inside the tray table at your seat before you disembark, or in the little pocket on front of tray table.

And there are plenty of public spaces in the airport where you could place a gospel tract or 2 for people to find—in seating areas, near food courts or restaurants, on window ledges, and even on restroom counters.

All it takes is a little thought and creativity, and the options are practically endless!

Photo of a Million Dollar Gospel of John book.

Leave the full Gospel of John instead of a tract

Did you know there are full gospels of John that are compact enough to leave in places just like you leave a tract? Ray Comfort of Living Waters designed the Million Dollar Gospel of John for just such occasions!

The Million Dollar Gospel of John: Commentary by Ray Comfort, single copy (affiliate link)

If you haven’t see these million dollar gospels of John, they are amazing! At first glance, they look like a stack of million dollar bills! Of course, no one would leave a stack of millions laying around, so they’re not tricky-looking at all, just very neat!

On the inside of the book, Ray explains why it’s designed the way it is and that the treasure contained in the gospel is much more valuable than a stack of millions!

The Million Dollar Gospel of John: The Vault, by Ray Comfort, 100 copies (affiliate link)

If you want to keep a large quantity of these gospels of John to have on hand, The Vault is the perfect solution to buy them in bulk.

Special holiday gospel tracts perfect for holiday vacations

These are awesome to hand out around the holidays! You can give out the Halloween tracts to trick-or-treaters at home or at your church event, but they’re also perfect for leaving in strategic places when you’re on an autumn getaway weekend!

Halloween Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts, by Ray Comfort, pack of 100 (affiliate link)

And if you travel for Christmas or go on family vacations each year around Christmas time, the Santa gospel tract below would be a great fit for your holiday travels!

Christmas Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts, by Ray Comfort, pack of 50 (affiliate link)

If you want more tips for sharing the gospel on vacation, check out this article from Aleteia.org. For further evangelism ideas for any kind of traveling, see this post from GodTube.com.

Final thoughts on ways to share the gospel while on vacation

When gearing up for an adventurous vacation or planning a relaxing getaway, evangelizing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. After all, you’re on a trip to unwind! But we’re called to be ready to share the hope of the gospel at all times, and using gospel tracts and evangelistic clothing are quick and easy ways to share our faith—even while we’re on vacation!

🤔 What do you think about this topic? Share your opinion in a comment below!

Free Prayer Board printable

Are you tired of feeling guilty for breaking your promise to pray for someone? Start keeping your promises today with this free Prayer Board printable—done in 5 minutes!

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5 passive ways to share the gospel while you’re on vacation

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