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Are you addicted to YouTube videos you know you shouldn’t be watching, and you’re looking for some better content?

If you’ve found yourself addicted to true crime videos, murder documentaries, or any other types of content that you know you shouldn’t be watching, then this is for you! Here are 7 YouTube channels that it’s okay to get addicted to!

Are you using YouTube to listen to podcasts? You should be!

Do you like listening to podcasts? I love listening while I’m doing housework, but I find myself listening to YouTube videos more often than through a podcast app.

Did you know many podcasters are doing videos on YouTube now, too? Although YouTube is video-based content, it’s currently morphing to accommodate a video form of podcasting, which is so neat!

Pretty much all the channels below have content that you can listen to while you’re multitasking. I do it all the time, so don’t think that just because they’re videos that you have to be sitting down watching—you don’t! 🥳

Here are some awesome channels to check out that can replace some of the negative content that it’s so easy to get addicted to. I have no doubt that each one will bless you in different ways!

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1. Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati YouTube channel

Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati is an awesome YouTube channel that will have you absorbed in biblical prophecy and sound teaching! Amir is a Messianic Jew and a gifted Bible teacher. He shares a lot of current events regarding Israel and how we can witness prophecy unfolding in the Holy Land and around the world.

Mainstream media is not the most reliable for covering such topics, and Amir gives us accurate reporting of what is truly happening in Israel today. This has become one of my favorite channels to watch/listen to!

More resources from Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel

Has the Tribulation Begun?: Avoiding Confusion and Redeeming the Time in These Last Days (affiliate link)

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials: Answers to Your Most Common Questions (affiliate link)

Israel and the Church: An Israeli Examines God’s Unfolding Plans for His Chosen Peoples (affiliate link)

Image of woman smiling and looking at laptop with text overlays saying, are you addicted to videos you shouldn't be watching? Here are 7 YouTube channels it's okay to get addicted to!

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2. ChrisBeatCancer YouTube channel

The ChrisBeatCancer YouTube channel is simply incredible! Chris has an amazing testimony of curing his cancer through diet and lifestyle change. The information he offers is truly life-saving. This channel is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to live healthier, prevent cancer, and even heal cancer through alternatives to chemo, using God-given nutrition to heal the body.

Chris is a Christian, and his protocol involves the spiritual just as much as the physical in regard to healing. And no worries, if you get hooked on this channel, that’s okay because it’s super beneficial!

More resources from Chris Wark of ChristBeatCancer

Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally (affiliate link)

Beat Cancer Kitchen: Deliciously Simple Plant-Based Anticancer Recipes (affiliate link)

Beat Cancer Daily: 365 Days of Inspiration, Encouragement, and Action Steps to Survive and Thrive (affiliate link)

3. Good Fight Ministries YouTube channel

Good Fight Ministries is another YouTube channel you don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to, and trust me, you will be! Good Fight has some very powerful videos that expose the work of the enemy in the world today. They cover current events and have a special gift of discernment regarding the entertainment industry.

I’ve watched so many of their videos on singers, bands, and pop stars, and their coverage is stellar. Do NOT miss their popular series They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll. You won’t believe your ears!

More resources from Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries

They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll, on DVD or Prime Video (affiliate link) Pastor Joe Schimmel takes you through a video exposé of the music industry and investigates whether some of the world’s most famous music stars might have soul their souls to get where they are, and if there is an agenda at work behind the scenes.

Hollywood’s War on God, on DVD or Prime Video (affiliate link) Joe dissects blockbuster Hollywood movies in this eye-opening documentary that examines the film industry’s true agenda.

Sparky the Broken Mirror: A Short Story for the Entire Family (affiliate link) This children’s book is about a mirror who is damaged by a great fall, and while he meets people with good intentions, no one can fix him—that is until he encounters the one who created him.

DISCLAIMER: Just because a resource is on this list doesn’t mean I’m aware of all their beliefs, nor that I endorse or agree with them all. As always, be the best Berean you can be and test every teaching against God’s Word! 💛

If you find yourself with a YouTube addiction that interferes with your daily life or causes negative mental health symptoms, check out this article from Verywell Mind to get help.

4. In Touch Ministries YouTube channel

Have you ever wanted to hear a good, sound biblical sermon where scripture is expounded upon in a practical, easy-to-understand manner? Look no further. In Touch Ministries is another YouTube channel that is okay to watch obsessively because his teaching is biblically edifying.

Dr. Charles Stanley presents the word of God clearly and shows how all of scripture points to Christ Jesus. His teaching style is easy to listen to, and the principles he presents from scripture ring true. He deals with tough subjects and shows how scripture offers us hope and guidance for every circumstance.

More resources from Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries

NKJV Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible (affiliate link) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is the Bible I use for my daily study. Each day’s reading contains a passage from each portion of scripture: Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and New Testament.

NASB Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible (affiliate link) The same Bible except in the New American Standard Bible translation instead of the New King James Version.

How to Let God Solve Your Problems: 12 Keys for Finding Clear Guidance in Life’s Trials (affiliate link)

Image of woman smiling and looking at tablet while eating popcorn with text overlays saying, are you addicted to videos you shouldn't be watching? Here are 7 YouTube channels it's okay to get addicted to!

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5. Jan Markell YouTube channel

The Jan Markell YouTube channel has been eye-opening for me. If you’re looking for better video content instead of being stuck in addiction to true crime or something such, this channel is a great place to start, and Jan is a real treasure!

She brings on preachers, pastors, and other Christians to discuss current world events and examine prophecies fulfilled and end-times prophecies currently unfolding, all through the lens of scripture. Her channel is very exciting as she helps us see that the time is drawing incredibly near to Christ’s return for His church!

More resources from and recommended by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries

When Jesus Returns: Living in Expectation of the End Times (affiliate link)

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials — Answers to Your Most Common Questions (affiliate link)

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6. Soteriology 101 w/ Dr. Leighton Flowers YouTube channel

There are many minor differences Christians can have when it comes to theology, but our belief regarding how we are saved (soteriology) is FAR from minor—it is the foundational, most important thing upon which we build our faith and is quite literally the difference between life and death!

If you’re new to soteriology, Soteriology 101 w/ Dr. Leighton Flowers is truly a Godsend. When I discovered his channel a couple of years ago, I became engrossed in his videos because they provide a proper, biblical hermeneutic regarding salvation.

Please take a look/listen to this channel no matter where you stand on reformed theology. Dr. Flowers presents a thorough, unbiased, and respectful look at the differences between salvation under Calvinistic teaching as compared to the teaching that God has provided access to salvation for all.

More resources from Dr. Leighton Flowers of Soteriology 101

The Potter’s Promise: A Biblical Defense of Traditional Soteriology (affiliate link)

God’s Provision For All: A Defense of God’s Goodness (affiliate link)

7. The Kneady Homesteader YouTube channel

Watching Heather at The Kneady Homesteader just feels like spending time with a good friend, so I quickly became hooked! She has lots of homemaking videos, particularly on making bread, canning, and other baking videos.

She has branched out in her more recent videos doing some Bible study, fellowship, and prayer videos, and she also shares her testimony which is just incredible… How God has used her and given such grace is so inspiring! If you’re looking for a cozy, homey feel, you’ll probably like this channel.

If you’d like to check out even more Christian YouTubers, here are 5 more channel ideas from Plugged In.

Final thoughts on YouTube channels it’s okay to get addicted to

While we don’t want YouTube to consume our lives, bingeing some videos isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as the content we’re listening to is good quality. Being addicted to true crime documentaries or bingeing serial killer content is not glorifying to God. So replacing that kind of content with godly YouTube channels is a much better choice, and I hope this has given you some good ideas!

🤔 What do you think about this topic? Share your opinion in a comment below!

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7 YouTube channels it’s okay to get addicted to

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