1. The Evidence Bible

This Bible is by Ray Comfort and is printed in the NKJV. It’s simply the best Bible I’ve ever found. It’s full of wonderful resources to help you prepare to share the gospel. It has tons of quotes, illustrations, and examples of evangelism, plus it offers articles about the proof of God’s existence, answers to common objections to the gospel, information on other religions, and so much more!

2. God’s Answers for Your Life

I’ve used this handy little book for years. It’s a simple but powerful resource with full verses arranged into sections by topic. Whatever questions you might be facing, chances are this book will have the scripture you need. I also love that it’s a smaller-sized book, so it can easily fit in my bag or purse!

3. Where to Find It in the Bible

This reference book is a great tool for locating verses for a much wider range of topics, and each topic is then broken down into subtopics that direct you to specific verses.

4. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

This baby is pretty much the gold standard of reference materials for Bible study. I use this for looking up words in the Bible that I need more context and amplification on. Each entry shows a brief phrase of scripture that contains the word along with every reference of that word in the Bible. It’s amazing and GREAT for digging into real study.

5. Vine’s Expository Dictionary

This resource goes hand-in-hand with the Strong’s Concordance, above. Where Strong’s gives you the location and reference for each word, Vine’s gives you the definitions. They work amazingly well to discover the meanings and contexts of the words used in their original languages, and you can compare them to the use of the same terms in other passages.

And there you have it! These 5 tools are mainstays in my library, and I hope they’ll make a huge impact on your Bible study as well!

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