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Do you want to be more obedient to the Lord in sharing the hope of Christ?

I can help with that! Choose which one of these best describes you right now:

Everyone’s already heard of Jesus and Christianity, so why do we need to share?

Believe it or not, not everyone has heard of Jesus, and many who have heard of Him don’t really know Who He is. When it comes to someone’s eternity, it’s better to be safe than sorry and share the hope of the gospel everywhere we go! 🌟

But evangelism is really just for missionaries, right? Because that’s definitely not me.

The truth is that sharing the gospel is the responsibility of every born-again believer—wherever we happen to be, that is our mission field to share the good new of salvation in Jesus. And don’t worry, it’s much more simple than becoming a missionary! 😆

I know I should be sharing the gospel, but I just don’t know how. Where do I start?

Trust me, it’s much easier than you think. It takes some preparation, but you don’t have to know all the answers or feel 100% ready—Jesus is your “Ready!” Let’s check out some how-to’s and encouraging examples to get you started! 💛

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Hey there, I’m Liv!

I want to help encourage and equip you as you daily enter your mission field to proclaim the love of God through the gospel of grace.

As a born-again Christian yet painfully shy introvert, sharing the gospel was something I avoided for much of my life. I never felt ready, and I feared rejection and failure. I’ve since gone on to share the gospel with many people, and I want to help you step out and experience non-scary, successful evangelism encounters, too. If a quiet, shy little introvert like me can boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel, I know you can too—and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you! You can find out more about me HERE.