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1. Heating pad (affiliate link)

I love my warm and soothing heating pad. This is the exact one I have, and it’s lasted me a couple of years so far. And it’s been through the wringer. At one point I was using it literally 24 hours a day and it still works. It’s a larger size than regular, and it’s also easy to clean–just unplug the cord and toss it in the washing machine. It has several heat settings as well as different therapy settings with wave intervals. I always just use it on steady heat though and it works great.

2. Microwavable heat buddy (affiliate link)

If heating pads aren’t your thing, or if you need two things going at once (think back and abdomen), then having a microwavable bean bag buddy is super handy. This one is lavender-scented, but if you’re like me and can’t do scents, there’s an unscented version too. It’s great for curling up with, and it can easily fit around our neck and shoulders, which is challenging with a heating pad.

3. Soft, cozy blanket (affiliate link)

A soft, comfy throw blanket just makes me feel better. I get cold a lot, even in warmer months during flares, so wrapping up with a big blanket is very soothing. I love that this one comes in so many colors, and it has one super soft side and the opposite has a sherpa lining. Plus it’s machine-washable, which is a must in my book. Having a soft, cozy blanket is great for those times when all you can manage to do is lie on the sofa and watch a movie. Coping with endo is hard, and we need all the rest and comfort we can get.

4. Fun socks (affiliate link)

This is one way I love to have fun, whether it’s just day-to-day, or on really bad flare days, or even if I’m recovering from surgery. Having fun socks always lifts my spirits when I see them throughout the day. It’s just a small thing that takes my mind off of what I’m going through when I notice them, and it gives me a spark of fun. It’s like a little pampering feeling, especially after endo surgery when I can’t do much more than lie around all day and look at my feet!

5. Comfy pants (affiliate link)

These are the pants I got after my last endo surgery, and I absolutely love them. They come in a few different color options, but I just got classic black. I had 4 incisions and lots of work done throughout my abdomen, so these leggings were perfect. They’re stretchy and soft and not at all tight. It’s a loose feeling which is great when you have surgical wounds, but they also stay up perfectly. They come up pretty high but that’s a positive factor. You don’t want a waistband right across any incisions. These come up 2-3 inches above my belly button. (Don’t tell anyone, but I still wear these at times, they’re that comfy!)

6. Comfy undies (affiliate link)

Finding post-surgical undies was so hard for me, but I finally hit on these, and they do not disappoint! These are cotton undies with stretch, and they’re the most comfortable panties I’ve ever owned. I bought 2 sets, one for right after my surgery when I was still very swollen, and then a smaller size for the weeks afterward while my incisions were still healing. I needed panties with a high waist to protect my incisions, and these are perfect. They’re a thick material and very stretchy, but not at all tight. I still wear these too! They’re in with my normal undies now because they’re just so comfy, especially during flares and when endo makes me super bloated.

7. Sports bras (affiliate link)

Let’s be real, sometimes when we’re on our periods or during a flare, or just when we’re lying around the house, who needs a bra? But then there are times when we have to run to the store and need to throw on something that’s not going to dig into our ribs or shoulders. This is the bra for those times! These are the same style of sports bras I have, and they’re so ridiculously comfortable. I love these racerbacks because there’s no metal anywhere, it’s just a nice smooth, comfy bra. I’ve started wearing sports bras nearly all the time now. Why put myself through an uncomfortable bra that’s just going to irritate me? I’m a bit heavy-chested, and this style provides decent support as well.

8. Protein snacks (affiliate link)

I’m not a fan of the taste or texture of protein bars, and I can’t bring myself to drink protein shakes (which make me need to run to the bathroom even more often, and I don’t need that either). So having snacks on hand with a good amount of protein is super important to keep me from getting sick during the day. Beef jerky is one of my top go-to snacks. It’s packed with protein and guaranteed to help you make it through until you can get a full, nourishing meal. A package of nuts or peanut butter crackers are good too, and even M&Ms aren’t bad. They’re easily portable and have a decent amount of protein if you get peanut or almond M&Ms. We have to keep our energy up so we don’t crash and trigger a flare or get dehydrated. That’s a constant battle I face, so protein-packed snacks are essential.

9. Sports drinks (affiliate link)

I always make sure to have a supply of either Gatorade or Powerade at the ready. I used to have to go get IVs for years due to dehydration, and the only reason I don’t have to anymore is because I’m very serious about staying hydrated. Sometimes I can tell I haven’t had enough to drink and I start to feel bad, so I grab a sports drink and it really saves me from going downhill during those times! Obviously, staying hydrated with water is the optimum choice, but for those times when the day is chaotic or we need something to boost hydration, having a sports drink handy is a necessity.

10. Water bottle (affiliate link)

Like we were just talking about, we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to get dehydrated, because that makes coping with endo even harder and can trigger a flare. So having a water bottle to carry with you wherever you go is a must. And this water bottle is awesome! It’s got markings on it so you know how much you should be drinking by hours throughout the day, plus it comes in tons of cute colors. It’s BPA-free, leak-proof, comes with a straw, and it even has a strap for easy carrying! I love the motivational quotes it has too, like “keep chugging” and “don’t give up.” Practical and super cute!

11. Essential oils/diffuser (affiliate link)

Essential oils are something I’d heard about for a long time but never tried until the last year or two. I love having them on hand for diffusing to help uplift my mood, and they’re also amazing for topical use. When my abdominal bloating gets really bad, I use a bit of peppermint oil topically, and it usually starts to help within a few hours. I hate being bloated and feeling like my stomach is about to pop! Essential oils have helped give me so much relief, especially over those last few months that I was waiting for my surgery date to arrive.

12. Fan for summer (affiliate link)

I don’t know about you, but in dealing with endo, when I get hot, I’m burning up. So having a reliable, quality fan for the summer is non-negotiable. This is the fan I have and I love it. It’s a bit expensive, but to me, it’s worth it. It’s amazing quality so I know it’s going to last for many years, and it’s quiet and clean. Plus there aren’t any blades to worry about with little kids or pets. It has several different settings, as well as a timer and a remote. It rotates too and has a pretty far reach. I couldn’t get through the summers without it!

13. Heater for winter (affiliate link)

Love. This. Heater. As much as I get hot in the summer, I get just as cold in the winter. And if I get too cold, my endo begins to flare and I start to feel bad. So I need something to really help me keep warm during the colder months. This heater is wonderful. I snuggle up to it with my cozy throw, and I’m in heaven. It’s got such a cozy, neat look to it, and the intensity of the light of the flame is adjustable. The heater has different heat settings, and it comes with a remote. I love these bad boys so much that I have 2 of them!

14. Icy Hot patches (affiliate link)

These things are a lifesaver. If I’m out and about, obviously I can’t have my heating pad going, but these are a close second. When I’m on my period or having a flare, my lower back gets swollen and very achy, so these help a lot. You can stick them in a purse or backpack, so their portability is extra handy.

15. Pouch for feminine items (affiliate link)

Of course in coping with endo, there’s the necessity of feminine products. But you don’t want to be stuck without a way to get them to and from the restroom discreetly, so a small pouch for these items is a must-have. This cotton pouch comes in tons of cute colors and designs, and it’s the perfect size for carrying tampons, a menstrual cup, pads, pantiliners, wipes, and anything else you can think of. I even like to carry an extra pair of panties, just in case, and this pouch has enough room for that too!

16. Mini backpack (affiliate link)

Depending on where I’m going and for how long, I’ve been known to take along endo self-care items, and sometimes everything we need for coping won’t fit into a tiny purse. That’s why I love this mini backpack. It’s big enough to hold everything I need, but it’s not a full-size backpack. I especially love this brand because there are lots of anti-theft features, and honestly, they’re just super cute. Plus the organization functions are outstanding. (I have 2 of their mini backpacks and love them both!)

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