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Are you looking for ways to start cutting costs and saving money? Look no further! These practical tips will help jump-start your savings today, plus you’ll see savings start to add up over the long run, too. Don’t miss these 100 simple ways to start saving money right now.

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Do any of these sound like your current financial situation?

  • Right now your family is forced to make ends meet on a small income
  • You’re choosing to live on meager means in order to destroy your credit card debt
  • You can’t seem to cut back on spending and you’re living paycheck to paycheck
  • You need to cut back your expenses so you can pay off medical bills
  • You need to find ways to save money so you can pay off your mortgage, car, or student loans

If any of these sound like your life right now, rest assured there are ways to make your dollars stretch further, no matter your situation.

Finding simple ways to cut costs needs to be your go-to solution for saving money and reining in your spending. And I’ve got 100 ways to help you start making that change today!

From lowering your utility bills to changing your spending habits, these 100 tips are surefire, easy ways to start saving money right now. So if you NEED to see an immediate change in your finances, this simple list is for you. Let’s get to it!

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1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

2. Use the “water miser” cycle on your dishwasher to save water and money.

3. Don’t use the rinse cycle on your dishwasher, just run it immediately after loading.

4. Use less detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine.

5. Use the lowest water level possible for washing your laundry.

6. Make your own laundry detergent.

7. Avoid using the permanent press cycle on your dryer.

8. Cut out dryer sheets, or cut the sheets in half.

9. Clean out the lint trap!

10. Cut out the dryer altogether and air-dry your clothes. Or do half the time in the dryer and finish drying them completely by laying them flat or hanging them to dry.

11. Run your dishwasher, washer, and dryer during “off-peak hours” to take advantage of lower rates.

12. Select “no heat dry” on your dishwasher to cut costs. Let your dishes air-dry or dry them with a dishtowel.

100 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Start Saving Money Today | save money | savings | saving money | cutting costs | ways to save | simple savings #waystosave #savings #savemoney #cutcosts #cuttingcosts #simplewaystosave

13. Stay on top of your dishes and laundry routines. Once those bad boys get backlogged, it’s hard to resist the temptation to just go out to eat or buy some paper plates, which are big hits to the budget.

14. Check your local utility companies to see if they offer any free items or services to help save energy (and costs).

15. Turn off your ice maker and freeze your own ice cubes using trays.

16. Cut out bottled water.

17. Stop watering the lawn, or cut back ruthlessly.

18. Cut out baths and opt for showers.

19. Install aerators on all your faucets.

20. Invest in a low-flow showerhead.

21. Consider investing in a low-flow toilet.

22. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can take a shower. Use a timer and try to shave off another minute or 2 with each shower.

23. In the warmer months, turn your air conditioner up several degrees.

24. Open your windows to let in cool breezes.

25. Use a fan in the rooms you spend the most time in to keep yourself cooler. Here’s what we use at our house.

26. Don’t leave a fan running if you’re not in the room. It only moves the air around to keep you cool, but it won’t lower the temperature of the room.

27. In the colder months, turn your heater down a few degrees.

28. Open your blinds to let in more sunlight and natural heat.

29. Use a (safe!) electric heater in the rooms you spend the most time in. We have 2 of these and love them.

30. Turn off your lights more often and open a door or window to let in the sunlight.

31. Order your eyeglasses or contacts online for bigger savings.

32. Refill the ink cartridges in your printer instead of buying new ones.

33. Order pet items online (flea and tick medicine, shampoos, eye drops, etc.).

34. Take advantage of Groupon deals.

35. Do your online shopping using Ebates.

36. Submit your grocery receipts to the Ibotta app for rebates.

37. Use another rebate app, Checkout51, for cash back.

38. When making online purchases, check RetailMeNot.com for coupon codes.

100 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Start Saving Money Today | save money | savings | saving money | cutting costs | ways to save | simple savings #waystosave #savings #savemoney #cutcosts #cuttingcosts #simplewaystosave

39. Keep your eye out for in-store products that offer rebates.

40. Check out eBay before making purchases. Sometimes you can find new or like-new items for much lower prices.

41. Always check online sites like Amazon before buying products to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Amazon has sales and coupons too!

42. If you’re a Target shopper, be sure to use the Cartwheel feature on their app for instant discounts and coupons

43. When shopping in-store at Walmart, you can take advantage of their Savings Catcher app for price-matching and money back when paying through their app.

44. Use Walmart’s in-store pick-up feature to order products on their website at a cheaper price and pick them up for free in the store (no shipping and handling).

45. Comparison shop. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, look up the cost of items before you spend your hard-earned money!

46. Invest in quality items. Sometimes they’re more expensive upfront, but they’ll save you money in the long run. Do your research to get the best deal for the best value.

47. Only buy produce that’s in season.

48. Check out the savings benefits of warehouse clubs. Figure out your potential savings compared to the cost of membership. Some clubs have extra perks to take advantage of as well.

49. Stock up on items you use often when they’re deeply discounted.

50. Shop at discount grocery stores like Aldi.

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51. Keep a grocery inventory with all the prices at different stores. Use your receipts and build it over time.

52. Cut out fast food and eat meals at home.

53. Plan your meals before you grocery shop.

54. Plan for leftovers if your schedule is irregular or extra busy.

55. Create and stick to a grocery budget.

56. Challenge yourself to cut your grocery spending each time.

57. Do one dinner per week without using meat.

58. Make homemade baby food.

59. Bake your own bread and desserts.

60. Challenge yourself for one week (no meat, no dessert, etc.).

61. Take your lunch to work.

62. Cut out coffee shops and convenience stores.

63. Make 2 suppers per week challenge nights where you cook using only what’s in your fridge or pantry.

64. Cut out pop, candy, and processed snacks.

65. Use cloth napkins.

66. Quit using paper towels.

67. Stop buying paper plates and disposable utensils.

68. Switch to generic or lower-priced brands.

69. Use less toilet paper. Chances are you’re using more than you need without even thinking about it.

70. Make your own dog food.

71. Stop buying new clothes, or buy cheap/sale items only.

72. Going to the movies is expensive, so save that for just a couple of times a year.

73. No more renting movies.

74. Stop buying books, DVDs, CDs, etc. You can borrow many of these items as digital downloads from your library’s website or app.

75. Cancel your cable.

100 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Start Saving Money Today | save money | savings | saving money | cutting costs | ways to save | simple savings #waystosave #savings #savemoney #cutcosts #cuttingcosts #simplewaystosave

76. Get rid of your home phone and go to cellphones only.

77. Lower your cellphone bill by switching to a more affordable service plan.

78. Bargain for reduced rates or service plans for a limited period (Internet, phone, etc.).

79. Adjust your Internet plan to a slower speed level. You probably don’t need as high of a level as you think.

80. Cut out all but one streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.).

81. Cancel memberships (gyms, auto clubs, etc.).

82. Ditch your security system. The prices are outrageous. If you need to, invest in a camera product. We have the Ring doorbell and love it!

83. If you commute a long distance or travel a lot, use the Gas Buddy app to find the best gas prices.

84. Budget for holiday and birthday spending ahead of time. You’ll find better deals and you won’t end up overspending at the last minute.

85. Keep a gift drawer or gift closet full of gift items you can buy when they go on sale. You can even reuse gift bags and, yes, I’m giving you permission to regift new, nice items.

86. Pay your bills online. You’ll likely save at least $5 a month in stamps alone.

87. When you can, avoid payment plans and pay bills in full upfront to get lower prices (auto insurance premiums, homeowners insurance, etc.).

88. Choose a higher deductible health insurance plan when the option period rolls around.

89. Check with your health insurance provider to see if they contract with certain facilities (hospitals, imaging centers, etc.) for low-cost or no-cost for your portion of the payment. Some even offer incentive rebates for choosing certain facilities.

90. If you can afford to do so, call medical providers and ask for a discount on charges if you pay in full upfront. Many will agree to this!

91. Change auto insurance plans or providers.

92. Travel less.

93. Live on a budget.

94. Start contributing to your savings account, however small. (Or open one if you don’t have one!) Planning for future purchases and having savings to fall back on in an emergency will help you save in the long run by avoiding having to take out loans or rack up credit card debt.

95. Declutter and organize your spaces. You’ll see what you have and avoid having to buy something you overlooked because it was piled with clutter or not in its place.

96. Communicate with your spouse and agree on shopping and spending habits.

97. Pay down debt. The longer you wait, the bigger the balance you’ll have to pay off later.

98. Become an economist. Research before spending, become familiar with averages prices so you can spot a deal, shop post-holiday or post-season for huge markdowns, and plan ahead—always keeping your budget in mind.

99. Eliminate the unnecessary. Adopt a minimalist mindset and decide to be happy by living within your means.

100. Start giving. Everything we have is a blessing from God, so be a cheerful giver and start tithing to the Lord through your church. Give even more to causes or situations that are dear to your heart, and watch the Lord bless you beyond measure, in many ways!

And there you have 100 easy tips to start saving money today! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and if you have any ideas to add, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Remember, this list has the potential to cut your costs and start saving you money today, but only if you implement these tips.

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