Image of woman reclining on sofa watching tablet and eating popcorn with text overlay 9 YouTubers to watch instead of true crime.

Are you watching too many true crime videos on YouTube and want to find better channels to watch instead?

There are much better YouTube channels out there that focus on things that are lovely, true, and praiseworthy, so let’s start bingeing those instead! Here are 9 YouTube channels you can start watching instead of true crime!

1. Good Fight Ministries YouTube channel

Good Fight Ministries is a great channel to start watching in place of true crime.

It addresses lots of current cultural events and highlights how the music and entertainment industries may actually be operating ever so subtly in opposition to God’s word.

Remember the claims of worrywarts back in the ’60s and ’70s that if you played rock’n’roll records backward, a secret satanic message would play?

Is there any truth to that stuff?

Good Fight isn’t afraid to dive in and give an unbiased, well-documented look at such topics.

What about the demonic-looking Grammy awards shows, bloody performances, and witchcraft-mimicking shows put on by current popular music artists?

This YouTube channel takes a look at current events from a biblical perspective. It’s no less exciting than watching true crime videos, so it’s a great alternative for Christians (or anyone!) to watch.

Images of woman watching tablet and phone with YouTube app and popcorn, title 9 YouTubers to watch instead of true crime.

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2. Prophecy Watchers YouTube channel

Prophecy Watchers is a YouTube channel that focuses on biblical prophecy, especially in light of modern times and current happenings the world over.

The channel has been around for a while, so it offers a wealth of fascinating videos to pour through!

They bring on lots of expert guests who each share their unique knowledge of end-times prophecy, and each interview is highly entertaining.

If you need a course in biblical prophecy and how we are to keep our eyes open in these last days, start with this YouTube channel.

Many of the guests have their own channels as well, so your list of intriguing YouTube channels to replace true crime channels will only keep growing the more you watch!

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3. Koinonia House YouTube channel

Koinonia simply means fellowship, so don’t freak out before you hear what it’s all about! Lol.

Oh, Koinonia House’s channel is just amazing! The teaching is so rich and deep, and all based on God’s word.

Chuck Missler delves into the study of Hebrew words found in the original scriptures, mining the implicit value and meaning that we would never know exists just by reading our English Bibles.

If you’re interested in having a deeper understanding of scripture, especially in Genesis, don’t miss this channel.

It’s truly another wonderful source for things mysterious—but without having to go the true-crime-content route—and all glory instead to the Lord!

DISCLAIMER: Just because a resource is on this list doesn’t mean I’m aware of all their beliefs, nor that I endorse or agree with them all. As always, be the best Berean you can be and test every teaching against God’s Word! 💛

4. L.A. Marzulli’s YouTube channel

How should I describe L.A. Marzulli’s YouTube channel? Hmm, let’s see…

In one word? Mind-blowing!

If you’ve ever been curious about Nephilim, giants, sasquatch, aliens, UFOs… look no further.

L.A. doesn’t shy away from any of these, and all from a biblical perspective!

He interviews lots of guests—many of whom have personal testimonies of encounters with giants or supposed aliens—doing so in a respectful manner, even if he might disagree on some points.

This is your go-to YouTube channel for all things “conspiracy” or “cryptid,” but L.A. vets everything scientifically, and he examines it all from a scriptural perspective.

If you’re looking to break your true crime addiction, this is the perfect place to find a thrill similar to that offered by true crime content.

If you prefer something a bit lighter, check out this article from PluggedIn that offers 5 YouTubers to follow that will help strengthen your faith.

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5. Jan Markell’s YouTube channel

Jan Markell has had a radio show for many years which she brings to her YouTube channel in the form of a podcast.

She features tons of collaborations with Christian pastors and authors, having them on her show to discuss end-times events.

This channel is unique because, not only does Jan look at world events, she looks at biblical signs that point to the last days, including global economic concerns, political happenings, world governments, and especially the nation of Israel.

Jan is a Messianic Jew, so her perspective on the end times and how the Jewish nation of Israel is involved in all of it is so valuable.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about why Israel is God’s chosen people, how they figure into the last days, and whether or not God will keep His promises to them, this is the channel for you! Another stellar Christian alternative to true crime YouTube channels.

6. Billy Crone’s YouTube channel

Billy Crone’s channel goes in-depth on many current topics of concern, especially for Christians.

He examines whether or not we should be worried about certain so-called conspiracies… and every video is engrossing!

For just one example, take Freemasonry. Is it all a load of hogwash fabricated by conspiracy nuts, or is there something to all the speculation?

It was from Billy Crone’s channel that I first learned about the World Economic Forum and its extremely problematic leader.

If you’re unfamiliar, I suggest you search pastor Billy Crone’s YouTube channel for those videos because you won’t believe your eyes!

Billy pulls back the veil on a lot of what the news media doesn’t want us to pay attention to, and he studies God’s Word to be sure messages come from the perspective of scripture.

If you’ve wanted to research more about these types of topics, this YouTube channel will make the perfect addition to your list of alternatives to true crime channels!

7. Jenn EXpsychic YouTube channel

Ever wondered about the paranormal but not sure how that fits in with the Christian worldview, or if it’s something we should even consider?

Jenn EXpsychic is a wonderfully helpful resource for that exact question!

Jenn was a professional medium who left the New Age when she encountered Christ upon reading in God’s Word that divination is an abomination to the Lord.

While her past isn’t something she’s proud of, she seeks to glorify God by sharing her testimony of deliverance from occult mediumship and by warning others not to go down the path she did.

Jenn does a lot of videos on TikTok, so if that’s up your alley, check her out there.

However, you’ll find a lot of those same short-form videos on her YouTube channel, plus longer videos including her testimony and interviews with other former psychics.

Jenn also offers discernment videos that warn us of specific New Age dangers to avoid. A great replacement for true crime channels!

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8. Expedition Bible YouTube channel

This is the newest channel to me on this list, and it’s so intriguing!

Expedition Bible seeks to bring the historic sites of the Bible to life by locating them via expedition!

From the Temple Mount to Sodom and Gomorrah to King David’s tomb, this biblical archaeologist seeks to uncover them all.

This channel is a super exciting place for Christians to turn to instead of turning back to true crime—it offers adventure at its finest!

Expedition Bible presents a rare opportunity to tag along on a journey to different locations of the Holy Land and beyond, bringing the scriptures we read to life by giving us visuals of the locations where biblical events took place.

How cool is that?!

9. Tipping Point YouTube channel with Jimmy Evans

This list of YouTube channels is meant to provide better places to go instead of true crime channels, but this one is also a great alternative if you struggle with immersing yourself in doom-and-gloom news 24/7.

Tipping Point with Jimmy Evans gives us global and political current events from an end-times perspective, all while helping us keep our eyes on Jesus, knowing He is our redemption and that we need not live in fear.

End times prophecies are coming to pass as we speak, and they will continue to do so at a greater and greater rate.

We should be aware of these things because it helps us know how to pray, and it helps us see that the time is short before Christ’s return.

And of course, with that realization, we need to see the urgency of sharing the life-saving gospel with our neighbors, friends, and family.

Frankly, we don’t have time to waste on watching true crime documentaries or listening to serial killer podcasts.

There is much more at stake all around us as people go about day to day without the Savior!

What to read instead of true crime

If you’re interested in learning more from the channels listed above, check out some of their other resources!

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Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries

The first 2 videos are just as engrossing as true crime content, but they’re much better because they’re actually worth dwelling on!

They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll, on DVD or Prime Video (affiliate link) Pastor Joe Schimmel takes you through a video exposé of the music industry and investigates whether some of the world’s most famous music stars might have soul their souls to get where they are, and if there is an agenda at work behind the scenes.

Hollywood’s War on God, on DVD or Prime Video (affiliate link) Joe dissects blockbuster Hollywood movies in this eye-opening documentary that examines the film industry’s true agenda.

Sparky the Broken Mirror: A Short Story for the Entire Family (affiliate link) This children’s book is about a mirror who is damaged by a great fall, and while he meets people with good intentions, no one can fix him—that is until he encounters the one who created him.

Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers

Time travel? In the Bible? Way more thought-provoking than any true crime documentary!

Time Travelers Of The Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered the Barriers of Time-Space (affiliate link) Did you know the world’s only documented time travelers are people from the Bible? It sounds almost alien, but Gary lays it all out for us to easily grasp when examined through the lens of scripture. Truly awesome!

Chuck Missler of Koinonia House

True crime documentary binges will be a thing of the past once you dive into hidden messages in the Bible, alien encounters, and government obfuscation!

Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity (affiliate link) Are there hidden messages within the text of the Torah that give greater insight into God, the universe, our existence, and our destination? Follow along on this amazing journey through the original scriptures!

Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind The UFO Phenomenon (affiliate link) If you’ve ever been curious about paranormal encounters and alien abductions, this is the book for you. Chuck examines the nature of UFO sightings, whether they’re real, and whether the government has a cover-up in place to keep us in the dark about the true nature of these crafts and entities.

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (affiliate link) This best-seller is a highly-esteemed resource to help you clearly understand the full story of scripture—all in only 24 hours of study!

Image of woman on phone eating popcorn titled YouTubers to watch instead of true crime.

L.A. Marzulli

L.A. is the king of all things Nephilim, ancient megastructures, UFOs, and cryptids—who needs the emptiness of true crime content when we can examine these mysteries through the lens of scripture!

On the Trail of the Nephilim, Vol. 1 (affiliate link) With over 120 color photos, L.A. dives into the evidence of a global cover-up concerning the existence of giants and ancient megalithic structures. Let the adventure begin!

On the Trail of the Nephilim 2: New Archaeological Research (affiliate link) Our intrepid adventurer is back with even more proof from continuing research that the Nephilim are among us and have a clear and evil agenda, we only need to know where to look. L.A. points us in the right direction as the adventure continues!

Jan Markell

Once I discovered the queen of end-times prophecies, I had no time left for true crime podcasts—it can’t compare to seeing prophecy unfold before our very eyes!

When Jesus Returns: Living in Expectation of the End Times (affiliate link) Jan hosts one of the most popular Bible prophecy conferences in the US, and this upcoming book will feature a collection of its very best messages. Set to release in October 2024, Jan’s highly-anticipated book is now available for pre-order. It will give clarity to end-times prophecies unfolding around us, encourage us as we find ourselves amid a culture in rapid moral decline, and inspire us to share the hope of the gospel.

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials — Answers to Your Most Common Questions (affiliate link) Jan promotes many books related to end-times prophecy, and this is one of them. Authored by Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner, this book answers 70 FAQs about Bible prophecy, such as Israel, the rapture, the tribulation, the Great White Throne judgment, and more!

Billy Crone

You won’t even miss true crime YouTube channels when you get into channels like Pastor Billy Crone’s—hybrids, A.I., and the meaning of Revelation disclosed—what could be more exciting!

The Final Countdown: Tribulation Rising — The AI Invasion, Vol.1 (affiliate link) The race for AI acquisition has been going on for years and years, but we’ve only recently begun to hear about it. Billy uncovers the evidence that knowledge is increasing just as the Bible warned would happen in the last days. Grab this book to find out how AI will likely be involved in the coming great deception of Bible prophecy.

The Seals: A Panoramic View of the First Half of the Seven Year Tribulation (affiliate link) If you struggle to understand the book of Revelation, this is a great resource to help you grasp what’s going to happen at the end of the last days, which are fast approaching.

Jenn Nizza of Jenn EXpsychic

Jenn is such a dear soul—her testimony offers all the thrills of watching true crime while instead bringing a much-needed wake-up call to this generation, all for the glory of God!

From Psychic to Saved (affiliate link) Jenn shares her testimony of coming out of the New Age and into the arms of Christ. For years she believed she was helping people until she realized the spirit guides she received messages from were demonic, familiar spirits that the Bible warns of. Jenn’s story is so inspiring and one you don’t want to miss!

Joel Kramer of Expedition Bible

True crime content takes a backseat to the beauty of biblical lands and the magnificent scenery of ancient archaeology!

Where God Came Down (affiliate link) Outstanding photos, diagrams, and maps fill the pages of this treasure trove of ancient biblical locations. Discover how archaeology speaks FOR the Bible, not against it. Join Joel on his biblical archaeological expeditions—the thrill of adventure awaits!

Jimmy Evans

The unique and much-need perspective of the first book is what it’s all about. We simply do not have time to waste on the fruitless filth of true crime documentaries—we need to be mindful of lost souls and active in sharing with them the life-saving gospel!

Where Are the Missing People?: The Sudden Disappearance of Millions and What Happens Next (affiliate link) This book is extremely unique because it’s written for future readers who will find it during the reign of the antichrist during the tribulation! After the rapture, people will seek to know the truth of what happened to everyone who disappeared, and this book will guide them through those 7 years and directly to the hope of salvation found only in Christ Jesus.

Tipping Point: The End is Here (affiliate link) The end-times clock is ticking, and this book helps answer our most pressing questions—will Christians go through the tribulation? What role does Israel play? Are the pandemic and other world events signs that Christ’s coming is on the horizon? Jimmy sheds light on these tough questions!

Final thoughts on alternatives to true crime YouTube channels

In order to break your addiction to true crime content, you must ask the Lord for help. Additionally, a tangible way to start making a change in your daily life is to replace that foul content with the things of the Lord. I hope these YouTube channel suggestions have been helpful. Let’s seek to honor God with what we put before our eyes, what we dwell on, and how we spend our time.

🤔 What do you think about this topic? Share your opinion in a comment below!

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