Image of smiling woman looking at laptop with text overlay saying, top 7 online evangelism resources for successful witnessing.

Looking for online resources to help you successfully share the gospel?

These websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts are wonderful ways to start studying and becoming equipped to evangelize in your community and even via the Internet!

From Bible study to sharing your testimony, these top 7 resources will inspire and prepare you as you step out in faith to obey the Great Commission.

Top websites with resources for successful evangelism

These are some of the best websites to help you prepare to share the gospel. From evangelism to creation to the persecuted church, these sites will equip and inspire you to be bold in sharing your faith in truth and love.

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Living Waters is a ministry run by well-known author and evangelist Ray Comfort. This website is chock-full of articles, videos, and other resources for encouraging and equipping every believer to go out and make disciples.

There is a store on the Living Waters website, and many of Ray’s books can be found on Amazon as well. Here are a few of his invaluable resources:

The School of Biblical Evangelism (affiliate link) I have this one!

The Evidence Bible (affiliate link) I have this one too!

Counting the Days: Undeniable Signs of the Last Days (affiliate link)

Hell’s Best Kept Secret (affiliate link)

Faith is for Weak People: Responding to the Top 20 Objections to the Gospel (affiliate link) Another one I personally own and recommend!

Anyone But Me: 10 Ways to Overcome Your Fear and Be Prepared to Share the Gospel (affiliate link)


Before we can become powerhouse evangelists, we need sound instruction to help grow our biblical literacy. After all, what good are our efforts if we haven’t done our homework?

We must be prepared and stand ready to give an answer for the hope we have: the truth found in the Word of God.

Answers In Genesis focuses on addressing discipleship from a biblical timeline that refutes evolution and a billions-years-old earth.

In order to develop a strong foundation in God’s Word, we must take Him at His Word, beginning in Genesis. This website offers fascinating resources and articles based on scientific research by credentialed professionals.


This unique website belongs to The Voice of The Martyrs ministry and offers a humbling look at the struggles and suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Christ.

This website offers encouragement and inspiration for sharing the gospel by enlightening believers to the plight of the persecuted (and sometimes underground) global church.

The Bible instructs us to stand with our brothers and sisters who are in chains as if chained with them, and this website and its free snail-mail newsletter allow us to do just that.

The stories of men, women, and children who stand strong in the faith in countries that are hostile to the gospel will remind you how precious our faith is and how blessed we are with access to the Bible and the freedom to worship God openly.

It provides us an opportunity to pray for the persecuted church as well as support them financially to recover from attacks, get legal assistance, and receive medical care.

The Voice of the Martyrs also provides job training for widows, living assistance, Bibles in their own language, and resources for local pastors and believers to go out and evangelize to the lost in their communities.

You’ll be greatly inspired to share the hope of Christ with the lost as you see the persecuted church do so boldly despite the risks to their lives, their livelihoods, and the lives of their families.

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Free Prayer Board printable

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Top YouTube channels with resources for successful evangelism

4. TheWayOfTheMaster and LivingWatersEurope

What more can I say about these channels but that they are OUTSTANDING. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone sharing the gospel one-on-one, TheWayOfTheMaster is the channel for you.

Ray Comfort approaches people on sidewalks, at the beach, while riding his bike, on college campuses, and many other public places to interview them on their thoughts about the afterlife.

This opens the door for a presentation of the Ten Commandments, how we’re all fallen short because of our sinfulness, and the hope of salvation from hell found only in Christ Jesus.

There are also videos of Ray preaching on the street and sharing the gospel with crowds. We’re able to see how to handle different situations—-those that go well and others that don’t go so smoothly.

There are also seasons of the TV show “Way of the Master”—often co-starring actor Kirk Cameron—along with videos for Christmas, Halloween, and even full-length movies.

The LivingWatersEurope YouTube channel is absolutely stellar. John Harris is a pro and has such a soft heart and kind demeanor toward the lost.

The way that he approaches people on the street with such a compassionate and sincere manner opens them up to genuine conversations about the truth of sin, hell, and salvation in Jesus Christ. He

⭐ If you only watch one video, let it be John’s Basics of Biblical Evangelism presentation, parts 1 and 2!

Woman smiling at laptop with text overlay reading, top 7 online evangelism resources for success when witnessing.

5. IAmSecond

If you’ve ever wanted to see examples of how to share your personal testimony, this is the channel for you.

We all have a testimony or personal story of how God transformed our lives when we became born again, and how He continues to work through us and for us.

IAmSecond features the testimonies of famous people like shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, Brian Welch formerly of KORN, and the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame.

They also feature first-hand testimonies and stories of other everyday believers.

Top podcasts with resources for successful evangelism

6. The Living Waters Podcast

The Living Waters Podcast is a great resource that will help equip you for evangelism. It has over 2,300 5-start ratings on Apple podcasts… that’s nearly unheard of!

Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar from Living Waters Ministries discuss everything from marriage to problems in today’s church to topics of daily Christian living—faith, fear, prayer, heaven—and everything in between.

With new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, they will encourage you to share the gospel with others, while also helping you grow in your own faith.

The guys are full of joy and praise, often citing scripture—and they always have so much fun!

It’s like sitting around with a group of friends, and there is always lots of laughter! Definitely one of the best podcasts out there.

7. Daily Radio Program with Charles Stanley – In Touch Ministries

Looking for sound, biblical teaching that will equip you to share the gospel? Look no further than In Touch Ministries with Charles Stanley.

In order to go out and minister to others the truth of God’s Word, we need to have a solid understanding of Bible truths.

This podcast (also found on YouTube or the In Touch Ministries app) offers rich teaching based solely in God’s Word and instruction on how to apply God’s teachings to daily living.

In order to lead others to our precious Shepherd, we must be familiar with His voice by studying His Word.

This podcast is a fantastic teaching resource to edify you in your personal spiritual growth so that you’re able to go out and minister to others.

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Final thoughts on these top 7 online resources for successful evangelism

These 7 online resources are awesome tools to help inspire and equip you to go out and share the gospel.

We’re all called to follow the Great Commission that Jesus entrusted to us, but we need to be prepared and ready and give an answer for the hope we have.

These websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts will help equip you to do that through the use of apologetics, biblical literacy, Bible study, sound teaching, and examples of real-life evangelism encounters and testimonies.

Free Prayer Board printable

Are you tired of feeling guilty for breaking your promise to pray for someone? Start keeping your promises today with this free Prayer Board printable—done in 5 minutes!

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Top 7 online resources for success in evangelism

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